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Status bar and taskbar

By default, the taskbar is located in the lower part of the main window (fig.1), while the status bar is located at the bottom of the main window.





Fig.1. Taskbar


The taskbar is used to quickly switch between open windows. Since child windows can overlap, it happens to be much easier to click the title of a window than to search for it among windows located on the workspace in order to open it. The taskbar contains buttons with the titles of all open child windows. The active window is indicated by the pressed button. If the title of a window is too long, only first 30 characters of the title are displayed. You can see the full title of such a window on the status bar if you move the mouse pointer to the corresponding button. To switch to another window, just click the button with the title you need.


Status bar


It shows a hint for each interface element when the mouse pointer is over it or in some cases shows the progress of some operation.


How to hide the status bar and the taskbar


To show or hide the taskbar or the status bar, you should click the corresponding item in the View | Toolbars menu.

Hidden items allow you to use more space for the workspace and for other data.