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System requirements

Processor: Any Intel® x86 compatible CPU


Operating system:

Windows 2000;
Windows XP (Professional or Home Edition);
Windows 2003 Server;
Windows Vista.


The program doesn't work under Windows 9x,Me and NT!


USB controllers and ports: At least (1) USB 1.1 or 2.0 Controller


CPU speed: Recommended 1 GHz or faster – our software may run successful on certain slower CPUs but because of Windows overhead, performance test results will not be as accurate.


Memory: Recommended 256 MB.


Free disk space: Recommended at least 100 MB of extra disk space. Advanced USB Port Monitor takes up about 10 MB but additional space required for log files.


Special login requirements: You must be logged on as a user with Administrator privileges to run our software. It is necessary for access certain registry keys and write special filter driver registry entries.

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